Where to Start When Writing Your 1 Page Essay?

Write Your 1-Page Essay The Right Way

When taking up an essay writing task, you should begin by creating an outline. A one page essay follows particular steps when writing. Here’s everything you need to know about writing a one-page essay.

How to Compose a 1-Page Essay

An essay is a short article that requires an individual to do a thorough study of a subject. There are various formats you can use to include information in your essay. 

There are two main formats used to create essay reports: the narrative and the description. Narratives are more common when writing large projects. They are also used for beginners because they are easy to follow. You are supposed to use the information in your story to explain what the research wants to achieve. On the other hand, the description form of writing entails that you provide a description of the entire report.

The content given in the description is essential because it is what the reader gets to know about your paper. It is like a roadmap that helps them know where to go next after reading your essay. Therefore, ensure that you are utilizing an enticing writing style for your one page essay. 

For an essay that is in the format of a narrative, you are supposed to start by outlining the main ideas you want to explore in your writing. Then, proceed to use storytelling and descriptive techniques to paint a picture of what you hope to convey in your one-page essay. 

Sections That Must be Included in Your 1-Page Essay

While writing an essay, there are the two sections that are considered crucial. This article discusses them in-depth so that you can learn how to write them effectively. 

Title Page

What are the main points you want to address in your one page essay? Do you want to include a heading, an abstract, figures, tables, figures, sentences, or even a short part of your essay? Writing this section requires thorough research of your assignment’s purpose. The information you include in the title page must be concise and factual. Never include facts that are not in the information that is already provided in the topic. However, if you feel there is sufficient information, you can mention the sources. 


The abstract is a summary of what is present in your one page essay. The reader should have an easy time reading through your work if your abstract serves the purpose of hooking them to your essay. You may come across information that is technical but weak. Therefore, to ensure that this information doesn’t cost you your scores, include an abstract that explains in detail. A summarized version of your essay will help your instructor know that you have done your best to present complete information. 


Your introduction gives an overview of the contents to present in the one page essay. The information you include in your introduction must be relatively brief and avoid clichés. Do not try to copy information from the introduction of an earlier paper. Use your tone to catch the attention of your instructor. Ensure you keep up with what the essay provides. 

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