What is Harvard Format?

What is Harvard Format?

When writing a Harvard paper, you should carefully know the structure, formatting style, and the requirements of the paper. In most cases, a teacher gives out instructions like how to format a paper. You should also ensure that you understand the requirements of the article correctly. A Harvard paper has different sections, but there is the structure, writing style, and deadline. Here is the guide to Harvard writing.

Harvard Structure

Before you start to write your paper, you should first understand Harvard’s structure. An abstract is the first section in your paper. Here, you will divide the entire paper in sections. Each section should have a topic sentence that explains the whole argument. The first section in the entire Harvard paper should be the abstract.

The second section is the introduction, which is a summarized version of the argument. The language here should be simple and straightforward. You should use short sentences and sentences that are independent of the topic. You will also need to provide a thesis statement here. The thesis statement will be the main topic sentence of your essay.

The third section is the body, which is the middle of your paper. Here, you will divide your arguments into paragraphs, and each paragraph should have a different idea. A paragraph may have three to five sentences, depending on how many different paragraphs you have in it. You can include short and long sentences where necessary.

The fourth section is the conclusion, which sums up your main argument. Here, you have to identify and agree with the thesis statement of the article. It should be visible as one of the first sentences of the conclusion. It should also be your best judgment on the central argument of your paper.

Harvard Formatting Style

A Harvard paper must be formatted in the same style as your assignments and essays. Therefore, you must know how to format your article. What formatting style should you use? Here are the essential aspects of the formatting style.

  1. Times New Roman is one of the most common format of typefaces to use in your paper. This is not only because it looks better but also because it’s known to reduce errors.
  2. It should be used for all your writing regardless of the subject. If it’s a research paper, then it shouldn’t appear in any other format.
  3. Text spacing should be a margin of 1.5% size on all sides of a page. Make sure to use the indentation at the left margin.
  4. You must align your headings in italics at the start of your paper. Also, the writing style would be set to use caps in letters and number.

How sure are you that your paper conforms to Harvard format? Here are tips on how to ensure that you submit perfect Harvard papers.

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