Proper Use of Italics and Ampersands

What Makes Italics and Ampersands Stand Out in an Essay?

Most students are well aware of using italics and ampersands in their papers and college assignments. However, not everyone understands its implications.

For the academy minded, italics use is a stand-alone style for italicizing words in different situations. Where a speech or an italicized word is part of a sentence or some punctuation, it is advisable to use italics. Other instances where italics are recommended are when they are used alongside ampersands and quotations.

Use of Italics in Essays

The use of italics in articles is something that most writers find challenging. Most students find it confusing to find consistent guidelines to use. The use of italics in essays is governed by certain rules that all writers should adhere to.

There is a particular bit of syntax that all italicize words in articles should follow. The rule to apply is to use italics even if the quote would have stood alone. These are the rules of the road to italics in articles, which are pretty standard across all disciplines in learning. These rules will guide you across using italics in articles, especially in schoolwork and essays.

The first rule is that italics should be used after ampersands in quotations.

Do Not Indent on Enthusiastic Use of Italics

Where there is a lot of nervous use of italics, students should also not put their marker on the fast button.

The rapid use of italics during critical points can lead to serious academic repercussions. For instance, in sentences such as;

  1. •  He cut a long piece of paper.
  2. •  The pause looked pleased.
  3. •  The main idea of the essay.

The last two of the above examples are both in italics. On the one hand, the sentences contain italicized words that do not have comma positions. On the other hand, punctuation marks like ” then, ” else, and then also appear in these instances. This makes the sentence look sloppy.

The mistake most learners make is to put their marker down at the fast button. They think that the sentence is okay to italicize when it is not.

How to Avoid Punctuation Marks in Words

Most people often like to make statements while italicizing particular words in their assignments. However, the sentences should not end up looking inaccurate. To avoid making mistakes in these instances, always use a font that preserves punctuation.


A common mistake when using italics in essays is to put your marker on the fast button or off. Usually, italics work best on a half-page or half-inch. However, the rule of thumb is to put your marker down on the first page or part of the first page that you indent your paper using quotation marks.

The next step is to break down your paper into smaller sections. An example of this is using a one-inch margin and a double spacing for your essay. After this, you should make sure to use a font that preserves punctuation.

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